3 Huge New Towers Coming on Brickell Bay Drive

3 Huge New Towers Coming on Brickell Bay Drive

This is not good news. They are not directly related to the Plaza Brickell but since this will negatively affect the quality of life around the Plaza it will lower the property value at the Plaza. To be fair with all these new rentals it will also put a down pressure on rents, which will be good for the tenants at least. But the tenants will also be in the traffic.
We are not talking about Panorama, which will be monstrous already, with 82 stories, 821 rental apartments, 2,000 parking spaces, 100,000 sq ft of medically oriented office space, 50,000 sq ft of retail, and a 208 hotel rooms.
All of this will create additional traffic on Brickell Bay Drive but it will become worse.
The owners of the Yacht Club at Brickell are announcing a new 61 stories tower, which will boost the total number of units there at 750 and then an additional 258 hotel rooms and 961 parking spaces.
The 61 stories tower will be built where they actually have the tennis court on top of the existing garage structure. And the hotel entrance will be facing the Panorama hotel entrance, which is always great to ease traffic.
This project is very advanced already and will go in front of the Miami Urban Development Review Board on Wednesday November 16, 2016, at 2pm. We will attend this meeting and will report to you after that.
The other project is 2 towers, 80 stories and 81 stories, on the derelict parking between the Mark on Brickell and Jade Brickell.
This is just a proposal at this stage and allows for 660 luxury units, 771 parking spaces, and 18,000 sq ft of retail. However, this Developer had a previous project named Villa Magna which never came to life. So with the actual real estate slowdown, it is still possible that it will be postponed.

The Plaza Brickell is a big community. With 1,000 units total, we are the biggest community on Brickell Bay Drive and the second biggest on Brickell Avenue after Icon Brickell. We surely have residents at the Plaza who work in the City or the County or know the process. It might be time for us as a community to be organized and make our voices heard by the City and the County. Let us know your thoughts.

Look for our Facebook page Plaza Brickell to keep informed. We will come back to you with more information after this coming meeting.

The Plaza Brickell is our home too.

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