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After living in Paris for 20 years I moved to Miami in 2001. 

In retrospect that has been the best decision of my life, ever. This city is magical, unique, and beautiful. Waking up there every day feels like a blessing like you have been rewarded with a serene life following some really good actions in your past that you don’t really remember!

Well strike that, yes strike that please, quickly. The best decision of my life by far has been to marry my wife who gave me my beautiful, witty, and wonderful son. That was the best decision of my life. After all, if I want to assist you in your next real estate needs, I need to stay alive ๐Ÿ˜‰.

So, my SECOND-BEST decision of my life was to move to Miami, actually Miami Beach, in 2001. I then moved to Miami Downtown in 2009 and Brickell in 2011. Our city is magical, beautiful, blessed with amazing weather all year round, and full of cosmopolitan influences coming from all over the world. Maybe not so much from Asia per se, but Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe influences are very strong in Miami and you will not find that in any other city in the World.

You put 10 people in Miami together and you’ll have 12 passports already. I have 3 myself and I am working on my 4th. 

A constant in our beautiful Miami is our horrendous traffic. Our beloved (lol ๐Ÿ˜‰) local politicians are behind the curve and didn’t foresee at all the abrupt growth that we witnessed in our city. They didn’t really plan for traffic and certainly not for public transportation. To be fair, many major cities in the World have also traffic issues. But I don’t live there, I live in Miami and I expect more from our local government.

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